The Gardens Trust Planning Leaflet

21st July 2016

The Gardens Trust was formed in July 2015 following the merger of The Garden History Society and the Association of Gardens Trusts.  The Garden History Society had been granted statutory consultee status in 1995 and the Gardens Trust has been confirmed in this role by Government.  Local planning authorities must therefore consult the Gardens Trust on planning applications that may affect historic designed landscapes of any grade in England and Wales that are on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest that is held by Historic England.These consultations are dealt with by the Garden Trust's conservation team, working closely with County Gardens Trusts.

The planning leaflet published by the Gardens Trust - The Planning System in England and the Protection of Historic Parks and Gardens: Guidance for Local Authorities - sets out the position of historic parks and gardens in the planning system and clarifies roles and responsibilities, obligations and working relationships.

Historic parks and gardens are 'heritage assets for planning purposes.  The Gardens Trust is determined to raise awareness of historic designed landscapes and to ensure that the protection afforded to them under the National Planning Policy Framework is implemented and is effective and sustainable.  The role of the local planning authorities is central to this process.  In recognition of the close partnership between the Gardens Trust and local planning authorities, the Gardens Trust has published this guidance leaflet to explain the place of historic designed landscapes in the planning system, the importance of assessing significance, the statutotory consultation obligations, and the role of the Garden Trust and County Gardens Trusts.  

The leaflet is intended primarily to help local planning authorities, but is freelyavailable to all.

A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded from 



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